What Is crypto trading ? How to Do Crypto Trading ?

What Is crypto trading ? How to Do Crypto Trading ?

crypto trading :- You may have heard the term Cryptocurrency in many places and you may have seen it. Or you can watch many videos on YouTube and through many posts. In this post we will talk about what is cryptocurrency and what is its use? Whether to believe it or not? Let’s see it in full in this post.

What is crypto trading ?

As I said you may have heard the term cryptocurrency in many places. It means that almost after this 2016, this word cryptocurrency alone can say that cryptocurrency companies are working tremendously.

Economists on the one hand believe that this is true because people blindly believe it without any evidence. And we will see about it completely in this post.

Cryptocurrency can be said to be a currency in a digital form. We are now making and using 5 rupee coins in India. As such, cryptocurrency is still a currency in digital. Kito currency is a digital currency that is created, used and spent digitally.

And if we ask if we can create it digitally, we are creating it ourselves? It sure isn’t!! Let’s say we can never create fake digital cryptocurrencies. Every digital cryptocurrency coin has a value.

Let’s see this with our example :- You buy goods in a store and pay back more than that because you don’t have cash. For that the shopkeeper gives him a token that says he has no change and you can go back to the same shop and use that token to get the goods. This is what cryptocurrency digital currency is doing.

And as I said earlier, the use of this digital currency has increased globally. And it is globally acceptable in a few places.

You can buy goods or services globally using this digital currency called cryptocurrency. And you can sell goods or services globally through this digital currency. And now globally this digital cryptocurrency is being accepted by various companies.

Next, cryptocurrencies are said to be decentralized. This means that cryptocurrency seems to be controlled by no single entity.

And it seems that this cryptocurrency is based on digital currencies and blockchain technology. And there is no government intervention in cryptocurrency currencies. Also, cryptocurrencies seem to have no boundaries.

How Does Cryptocurrency Work ?

Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. It is implemented based on the technology called Blockchain. When you sell a bitcoin to another person through this blockchain technology, your information and the buyer’s information is recorded on the blockchain.

Do you know who created this ?

It is not yet known whether its creators are individuals or groups. It is said that Satoshi Nagamoto was the first to create the digital currency Bitcoin in 2009.

But there is also a side which is not known yet. And from this we cannot know who is making it.

Do People Trust Cryptocurrency ?

The answer to this question is definitely yes!! It is true that most people believe in digital coin i.e. cryptocurrency. Let us see this with an example.

At the time when bitcoins were launched, the price of a bitcoin was a few dollars. But in current scenario the cost of one bitcoin is 1000 dollars. From this we can know whether people believe it or not.

Just to say that most of the people as I said in the beginning mostly believe in this cryptocurrency called digital coin.

Some of the popular cryptocurrencies are listed :-

Bitcoin :-

It can be said that this digital currency known as Bitcoin has become very popular in the world. It was launched in 2009. It seems that it got a good response from the people in the first few days of its launch. Right now the cost of one bitcoin is about a thousand dollars.

Ethereum :-

This coin known as Ethereum seems to have gained popularity among people after Bitcoin. And this digital currency is also being used by many people.

Binary Coin :-

The coin was launched by Finance, a crypto exchange company. And this is also one of the coins that are well received by people.

How to buy Crypto Currencies?

As I said earlier, a cryptocurrency is a coin that is bought and sold digitally. You cannot buy it in person which means you can only buy and sell this coin online.

Now let’s have an overview of how to buy this coin.

And in India alone, the number of cryptocurrency investors today can be said to be several thousand. It is seen that 40 Philippine US Dollars have been invested in Bitcoin from India alone.

Then we should know that the use and trust of Bitcoin has been well received by people.

If you want to buy Bitcoin you can go to BitCoin Exchange websites to buy and sell. Also credit card and debit card are available for you to buy bitcoin. So you can buy a bitcoin using your credit card and debit card.

After you buy Bitcoin you need to create a wallet to store it. In fact, it’s best to create a wallet before you buy Bitcoin.

What Is crypto trading ? How to Do Crypto Trading ?