What does the deepfake controversy surrounding this Chinese actor’s comments on conspiracy theories


It’s easy to believe whatever you’d like to believe. It’s the internet. From fake videos to social
media which connects people with similar interests is making it easy.

For example, when fans see two gorgeous famous, well-known individuals working together, it
might be normal to think that they’re in the same relationship. Sometimes, these ships are
realized for those who thought based on their on-screen interactions, for instance, they were
dating, for instance, Robsten was dating and Brangelina, as well as Dan or Phil, we’re in love,
but later discovered that they were right all through.

However, there’s a desire for your thoughts about a particular actor to be authentic and then you
want the truth to be revealed in such a way that you think that the actor is held captive, in that
social media accounts have been taken by a group evil conspirators, and the majority of his
latest posts are fakes of him.

It’s occurring to an alarmingly large number of fans of actor Zhang Zhehan, in what appears to
be an increasing conspiratorial theory.

Conspiratorial thinking has been used to dominate conversations about technology, politics, and
the internet in general. But a conspiracy theory that can be tied to the ferocity of fandom is a
particularly dangerous capacity to become dangerous and toxic. When I started in the year 2016
that fandom-related speculation “has increasingly taken on all the characteristics of a religious
dogma,” I did not realize what the consequences would be. In the past fandom conspiracy
theories like Larry Stylinson (the belief that One Direction’s Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson
are lovers but are have been forced to conceal their love) were more the exception than the
norm; today as fans of Zhang Zhehan show that not only are fandom conspiracy theories
becoming more prevalent, but they’re mixing the passion and energy of fandom to modern
social media and technology pitfalls.

In the year 2000, Zhang starred in the popular Chinese television drama Word of Honor. The
show, which was an adaptation of an LGBTQ+ Danmei novel openly homoerotic, the trend of
the 2019 smash “The Untamed. The show was the biggest Netflix popular and brought Zhang
as well as his co-star Gong Jun to international stardom. A large number of fans started sending
both actors as usual fan behavior that occurs in Chinese culture is promoted extensively by
marketing departments and sometimes those who play the characters. After a specified
promotional period for the show the couple is usually “broken,” and fans anticipate them to go in
separate directions.

The studio-driven method of shipping is the opposite of American fandoms, in which fans
frequently create ships out of the air which is the cause of consternation of studios with no clue
what to do with the beast they’ve created. It’s not surprising that, even after the promotion
timeframe to promote Word of Honor ended, fans from all over the world continued to take on
“Junzhe” — the name of the ship of Zhang Zhehan and Gong Jun.

In the time it took for either actor to truly get over his Word of Honor roles However, Zhang
Zhehan found himself in the center of an investigation regarding his alleged tour of a Japanese
war memorial, which was so controversial that it led to Justin Bieber permanently banned from
appearing in China. Within a few days, Zhang’s career seemed to be gone.

A large portion of Zhang’s Chinese fans retreated However, but his global fan base was left
struggling. A significant portion of those fans was who was still a fan of Junzhe and believed in
rumors that Zhang and Junzhe were in constant contact. People delved into interviews and
posts on social media Gong Jun made, seeking proof that he was offering support to the person
they believed he loved.

Then, in the early spring, Zhehan reportedly returned to his post as ” Zhang Sanjian.” He made
reference to his new clothing line however, he also started to suggest Gong Jun’s marketing
staff was still leveraging Junzhe’s ship to increase his career, even though Zhang did not have
any work.

This news meant just the one point to global Junzhe shippers: Zhang Sanjian’s account must
prove to be authentic.

A lot of shippers believed that Zhang Sanjian was a fraud made up of Zhang’s former manager
as well as a group of coworkers which included his therapist. A few Twitter followers crossed
numerous ethical boundaries. They assaulted Zhang’s therapist, and they allegedly accused
him of being reported as a suspect to the Chinese government for being anti-Chinesesomething
that could result in very risky consequences for Zhang as well as his family. While insisting that
Zhang was the one who was victimized by an authoritarian regime and armed the same
authoritarianism against an apparent adversary.

In April, Zhang resumed posting to Instagram. In lieu of celebrating the return the fans who were
now convinced that the posts he posted are an impersonation, began to develop numerous
theories on the method by which this impersonation was performed. They have reported
Zhang’s real Instagram account as fake and a fraud. After Zhang was able to restore his
account and continued to upload videos, elaborate fake ideas were revealed. While insisting
that the videos were fake the trolls were able to rake Zhang himself up to the brim for being
“robotic,” his “eye twitched,” his “eye twitched, “lacked body movement,” Zhang seemed

After Zhang posted a photo with his pet, shippers figured that the evil group of conspirators who
were around Zhang had changed his dog’s name to another dog.

The most frustrating aspect of this Zhang Zhehan conspiracy is the fact that it’s not. The fandom
is increasingly flooded with stories of conspiracy like this. For instance, in 2016, a large section
of Sherlock fans was angry at the lack of a plot to connect Watson as well as Sherlock into a
sexual relationship (a ship theory that the fans named “the Johnlock conspiracy” with no
apparent consciousness) that they believed there had to be a separate, completely secret finale
to the show. It was an unconfirmed wild card that made the fans angry and disappointed when
the show with a completely anodyne title began airing the week after the Sherlock finale was
revealed to in fact, not Sherlock.

Within Star Wars fandom The fictional “J.J. cut” directed by J.J. Abrams doesn’t exist there is no
proof that its existence is available, however, fans have made an entire concept around the
concept. Right now it seems that it seems that the One Direction fandom is having an uproar
since Liam Payne just shaded Zayn Malik to the dismay of “Ziam” shippers who’ve spent time
constructing complex rabbit hole arguments about the fact that the two had a closed
relationship. Let’s not even start talking about the fan-generated stories and imaginative thinking
about The Depp-Heard court case.

Of course, people are lying, and the occasional real-life conspiracy theories do occur however,
at an epoch, it’s unreasonable and irresponsible to put the emphasis on an opinion of a fandom
— or any other conspiratorial belief until you’re continually distorted by the reality. In this
instance, there’s absolutely no basis to conclude that Zhang Zhehan was lying when his request
to shippers to not harass his family members and acquaintances of his. A fandom that gathered
for months to help him overcome an incredibly personal setback is now totally determined to
discredit him by insisting that he isn’t really in the name of “supporting” a nonexistent

While watching all this happen I had a conversation with a friend who thought that maybe this
was the actual negative impact of deep fakes on the society they are not the reason in
themselves could distort reality, however, their very existence gives individuals to deform reality
on their own.

This is what seems to be true instinctually to me. This isn’t just a matter of fandom. It’s
happening all over the web. While conspiracy theories such as the QAnon theory receive all the
attention but it’s conspiracy theories such as Johnlock as well as Zhang Zhehan keep me awake
in the dark because they’re ways to radicalize enthusiastic fans and cause them to view the
world as a fantasy world, as an extremely high stakes fight between evil and good. It’s no
wonder that generations of internet culture have taught us to be highly analytical, but they
haven’t taught the thinking about their think critically and rationally about the things they’re

I’m not sure what to tell you that your favorite isn’t an untrue story. I’m not sure how to prove it.
after you’ve devoted the entirety of your life to a deep source of faith you have a responsibility
for yourself and the world to pull yourself up and move on.