Trump claims he’s done Twitter. It’s
difficult to believe.


Elon Musk the world’s most successful businessman and soon to become the owner of Twitter,
made waves on Tuesday when he declared he’d let former President Donald Trump back on the
social media site he was barred from in January of 2021.

“I do think it was not correct to ban Donald Trump, I think that was a mistake,” Musk declared
during the Financial Times Future of the Car conference. “I would reverse the perma-ban.”

That’s precisely the kind of thing Trump and his followers have been requesting for a long time –
and even lawsuits for. Trump is adamant that there is no intention of returning to the court,
instead of using his app that is a clone of Twitter, Truth Social.

“I won’t be going back on Twitter,” the former president said to CNBC in the latter part of April. “I
like Elon Musk. I am a huge fan of his. He’s a great person. We’ve done a lot of work for Twitter
while I was working in the White House. I was dissatisfied with how Twitter treated me. Twitter.”

There’s a reason, however, to believe that Trump could set about setting up his Twitter account
once more in the event of a possibility. (Musk isn’t likely to assume the role for the next couple
of months as the Twitter sale isn’t quite an official deal.) Trump began his political career
through Twitter, paired with cable news. Prior to the day when he was banned from Twitter,

Twitter was an incredibly powerful instrument for Trump. There were 67 million users, which
made him the world’s most popular user on the platform. So far the app hasn’t managed to
regain a similar size or engaged following since being banned from Twitter as well as all various
other social networks. Obviously, people are speaking about Trump less often these days since
the president is no longer in office however, that could change given that Trump is expected to
run for the Republican nomination for president.

Here’s why you should consider taking Trump’s claim of being on Twitter with a grain of salt.

Trump isn’t the only one who doesn’t have an alternative to Twitter that is

In lieu of Twitter, Trump has said that he’s shifting his social media account onto Truth Social,
the Twitter-clone application he created with his help.

Truth Social sets out to become a “Big Tent” social media platform competing with Twitter and
Facebook which encourages “open, free, and honest global conversation without discriminating
against political ideology.”

However, the app is controlled by a majority of right-wing users and has experienced a rough

In the beginning, Truth Social’s launch was delayed by a few weeks. After that, when it went live
in the middle of February 2022 many users could not log in. The app had accumulated the
waiting list of millions of users.

The CEO of Truth Social said that the app will become “fully operational” by the final day of
March. However, some users are still waiting and users who have been already using the
service have reported an unresponsive user experience.

The app’s viability financially is also in question because of its funding source through a merger
with the SPAC ( a special purpose acquisition company or a shell company with the sole
purpose to purchase other businesses) in addition to The Trump Media & Technology Group —
is in danger because it is being investigated of federal regulatory authorities and is facing the
possibility of a decrease in its valuation. Two top executives also left Truth Social in recent
months just a few months since joining the company.

Even if Truth Social sorts out its financial and technical issues but it won’t be as popular as
Twitter as well as Facebook. At present, Truth Social has an estimated 2 million users. Twitter
boasts over 330 million active users, which is over 150 times more. It is also a magnet for users
of all political inclinations such as influencers and journalists who respond to Trump’s
statements and amplify them and help him remain on the radar of news media.

If you’re a political figure like Trump, you’ll be able to make a bigger impact by posting your
views on a popular social media platform, rather than on an app that you’re preaching to the

In addition to being exiled, Trump has no real issue with Twitter

Prior to the time of his ban, Twitter was an incredibly efficient instrument used by Trump to
spread his agenda in real-time without the aid of the media fact-checking his assertions or
scrutinizing his actions.

The only issue Trump faced with Twitter was that it blocked the account.

Yes, Trump didn’t like the idea that Twitter started in 2020 to mark some of his numerous fake
and offensive tweets with warnings and facts-checks, however, this didn’t stop him from posting
tweets frequently.

The past was when Trump frequently claimed Silicon Valley was run by liberal elites that he
claimed were restricting conservatives and him via social media. However, Trump has found an
all-weather ally in Musk who is attracted to the right-wing in addition to joining Trump in saying
that Twitter’s employees of having a liberal bias.

Trump along with his supporters alters their minds frequently.

Finally, Trump changes his mind constantly. As with many other politicians, Trump flits around
on issues like the construction of a wall along the border between Mexico and the United States
and threats to quit the Republican Party. He’s also generally a good friend to those who are
supportive of Musk like Musk is currently doing, even if they aren’t the biggest of his supporters
at times.

Other conservative figures, like Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson who has been quietly returning
to Twitter following the announcement of Musk’s purchase and dubbed it a “pivot point” in
history after criticizing the company. Carlson was banned by Twitter in March of this year for
tweeting that articles that referred to US Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine — who
is transgender as a “man” were true. He was also suspended for his tweets about the Fox News
host and his supporters presented his demotion to be an attack against freedom of speech but
refused to take down his tweet.

Following the announcement that Musk was attempting to buy Twitter came to light on April 1,
Carlson appears to have secretly deleted the tweet which was keeping him off Twitter. His
account was then restored.

At the end of the day, it will be beneficial for Trump to follow in the footsteps of Carlon and also
put aside his concerns with Twitter. Trump is likely to launch his 2024 presidential run and could
benefit from all the attention he could receive.