“We’re expected to be human shields” Teachers aren’t protected and terrified

"We're expected to be human shields" Teachers aren't protected and terrified

human shields The following day, after the shooting massacre in Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, Elizabeth one of the first-grade teachers at an elementary school in the state, gazed down on the street to read what one of her students wrote in chalk near the entrance to the class: “If you have a gun, get … Read more

Schools becoming surveillance centers after mass shootings is the problem


Schools The devastating effects of gun violence are once again being faced by the United States after a shooter shot dead 21 people at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde (Texas) last week. Although lawmakers have failed to pass meaningful reform so schools are looking for ways to prevent another tragedy on their campuses. According to … Read more

The grid of Texas is designed to flunk


Texas s per the calendars, it does still not spring within the Northern Hemisphere. However, in many areas of the globe, the weather may be indicating that it’s not. A massive heatwave produced the record-breaking hot spring for India in both Pakistan. Europe witnessed an extremely similar heatwave during May with temperatures hitting record temperatures … Read more