Stop telling people to worry about monkeypox

monkeypox More than 350 cases of monkeypox, a milder form of smallpox, have been reported in morethan 20 countries. This is a surprising and unpleasant development. Monkeypox has surfacedperiodically in the Congo Basin and in West Africa since containing this larger outbreak, eventhough monkeypox isn’t contagious as far as we know. Public health officials stressed … Read more

How serious could the monkeypox epidemic get?

monkeypox The global monkeypox cases count has surpassed 350 as of May 26th, with cases in 23countries. While it’s easy to feel a bit shpilkes, you might be wondering what we are doing. Whatsize will the outbreak be and how long will it last? In the initial stages of an outbreak, epidemiologists attempt to answer … Read more

Are monkeypox & Covid-19 both thesame? A big Differences


monkeypox On Wednesday, the CDC confirmed a case of monkeypox in the body of a Massachusetts manwho recently visited Canada.It’s not the first time that the US has been hit by an outbreak of monkeypox. a smallpox-relatedvirus that can cause flu-like symptoms as well as a rash. It can occasionally be fatal. Sometimes, health officials … Read more