Schools becoming surveillance centers after mass shootings is the problem


Schools The devastating effects of gun violence are once again being faced by the United States after a shooter shot dead 21 people at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde (Texas) last week. Although lawmakers have failed to pass meaningful reform so schools are looking for ways to prevent another tragedy on their campuses. According to … Read more

While pro-gun legislators want to arm teachers with guns, there is little evidence that these programs work

GUN VIOLENCE While the USA was dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, another crisis hit the country: gun violence was the leading cause of death among youth Americans. The rate of firearm-related deaths among American youths aged under 20 years has increased by 29.5 percent, twice the increase in gun deaths among the general … Read more

How did the Supreme Court make itimpossible to address the issue of gunviolence in America

gunviolence in America The satirical paper the Onion often uses the same headline every time an incident of the massshooting that is high-profile occurs within the United States: “No Way To Prevent This,’ Says OnlyNation Where This Regularly Happens.” It’s sad to remind us that this is because the United States — or at a … Read more