America’s unique, enduring gun problem, explained

America gun problem Tuesday’s mass shooting in Uvalde Elementary School, Texas, 10 days after a mass shooter in a Buffalo supermarket, New York has once more brought America exceptionalism about gun violence into sharp relief. No other country with high income has seen such a high death rate from gun violence. More than 110 Americans … Read more

The impact that is profound of giving
American families a bit more money


Allina Diaz began looking for work in May after she graduated from her school, the University ofMaine at Augusta. As a single mother, Diaz had attended classes as she raised her threedaughters (Lilly, 13, Annabelle, 11, and Journey, 6). Lilly 13, Annabelle, 11, and Journey six —with a budget of just $6. She has a … Read more

Why Americans are dissatisfied with
their daily sex lives?


How come so many young Americans are so dissatisfied with their relationships? This is the question that hangs over a fascinating book written by Washington Post columnistChristine Emba known as “Rethinking Sex An Inspiring provocative. Indeed, in this book Embaexamines the reasons why teens are, “engaging in sexual encounters they don’t really want forreasons they … Read more