The movement of the progressive left to
eliminate the most anti-abortion House
Democrat is explained


Incumbent Rep. Henry Cuellar was already in the midst of a tight runoff in the 28thCongressional District on the 24th of May however, his latest Supreme Court leak has broughtattention to one of his weaknesses in his history on abortion. Cuellar who is a 9-term congressman and longtime fixture of the South Texas district is … Read more

5 ways that a ban on abortion could affect
women working in the workforce


Roe. Wade is all but likely to be overturned, which could render abortions illegal in around 50%of US states. If this happens, the historical research suggests that it will not just impact womenon a personal level but also impact their professional lives as well. This decision, which was a draft that was released to Politico … Read more

The Blue states are getting ready to be
safe havens for aborting


The blue states are prepping for months for an eventuality that the US Supreme Court willoverturn Roe v. Wade this summer. There were many signs that prior to the release of a leakedopinion showed that the Court is ready to rule in favor of pro-abortion groups with regard toDobbs V. Jackson Women’s Health Organization. In … Read more