Nick Jonas | age, height, Instagram, Net Worth, Wife, Contacts.

Nick Jonas | age, height, Instagram, Net Worth, Wife, Contacts.
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*Nick Jonas BIOGRAPHY *

Real NameNick Jonas
Date Of Birth
September 16, 1992
Father NamePaul Kevin Janous
Mother NameDenise Milier Janous
Nick Name
Marital StatusMarried
Home Townusa
Currently Lives Inusa


First we will look at him in some detail. He is considered to be one of the best American actors and actresses. It is learned that Madam has acted in various films from America. We can now begin to look at him in some detail. We can now see in full about his various information. In this post we are all about various information especially his father name mother name his history so if you want to know fully about him you should read this post in its entirety.


It must be said that his life begins in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two. That is, it is known that he survived only in the year 1992. And now let us look at his various Daman information in some detail.

Not only NICK JONAS but also his father is known to have been a songwriter, musician farmer and a church minister. It is also expected that he may have inherited a passion for music from his father.

It is learned that their mother is a farmer and also works as a teacher.

It is learned that he has been interested in music from an early age. There is also information that he has sung in various places since he was a child.

NICK JONAS is said to have one younger brother and 3 older brothers. It is learned that he and his family have a total of five sons.

Nick Jonas is reportedly starting acting at the age of seven. Needless to say, his acting started at a very young age. And from that age till today it is known that he has excelled in acting. There is no alternative to the idea that he excels not only in acting but also as a singer and songwriter.

It is learned that Joy to the World co-wrote the song with her father. He also wrote the song in 2002 while starring in the film. This song has been their solo song i.e. the first solo song.

NICK JONAS released their second album on August 2, 2007. That means the second album with their group has been released.

Launched on August 2, 2007, the album is said to have been well-received in the United States. The album is said to have grossed over 2 billion.

It has also been revealed that NICK JONAS will be starring in their own film Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream.

NICK JONAS has received information that they are facing various difficulties in your life unlike normal human beings. It is also a remarkable fact that he is a great achiever only because he has seen so much hardship.


Their current age is 29. It is also noteworthy that they were born on the 16th of September, one thousand nine hundred and ninety-two years.


NICK JONAS We have to say if their health is very good. And he is a young adult actor so there is no doubt that his health is very perfect.


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It is learned that NICK is married to JONAS. It is learned that he also has a wife Priyanka Chopra. Also, information about whether they fell in love and got married is not yet available.


NICK JONAS He can be praised as the best singer and the best actor and the best songwriter. And the value of his property is expected to be more than $ 70 million. This is not all true information it is just prediction so you should not rely on this completely.