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Name Mr.Tamizhan
Real NameBala Murugan
Date of birthyet to be updated
Age yet to be updated
Father nameyet to be updated
Mother nameYet to be updated
HometownVirudhunagar, Tamilnadu


Mr.Tamizhan was born in Sevilpatti near Kariyapatti, Virudhunagar, Tamilnadu. His father is a driver and his mother is a homemaker. He had a brother and his brother studied in an English medium school.

Bala Murugan studied in a government school ( Tamil medium). He studied well and he got 1012 marks in his 12th grade. But he doesn’t like English subjects in his school days. He faces many difficulties with the English language. In his school days, He used to by heart poems and literature.

After his school, Bala got admission to engineering college after his 12th grade. He faces a lot of difficulties with the English language in his college days. He was insulted in college for his fluency in English by lecturers and his friends. He started doing online business as a part-time job in his college days. He rented a small shop near his house for Rs.1500.

Mr.Tamizhan Bala Murugan made a loan with his mother’s gold and started doing projects for a company in Madurai. He also employed 10 typewriters for his company. Unfortunately, he was fooled by that company in Madurai. In between, he rented that place as a gaming center, he took a profit of Rs.15000. Bala didn’t get even a single rupee profit from that company from Madurai.


  • Bala realized in 4th year that, online business will not work out with him and he continued to go to college. He was having many arrears when he was in the final year of his academics. His professor advises him to study well and clear arrears. He finished his engineering by clearing every arrear. He got a job in a hardware company in Bangalore for Rs.8000 But he didn’t like that job.
  • Mr.Tamizhan also tried many alternatives but nothing suits him. He started asking himself ‘which job will suit him’. He found online business will suit him. Bala started learning about digital marketing in a company in Chennai for Rs.6000 and he was happy with what he was doing. He worked hard and he fell in love while working In that company in Chennai. Both of them had a flow in love.
  • After few days, his lover started avoiding him because of his sense of his English language. She started criticizing him in many situations. At one point, they got to break up. Balamurugan broke out and he was in severe depression after his love failure.
  • He can’t get out of that severe depression, so he started seeing many films to get rid off of depression. Bala had a comeback after 3 months and he started working in a company called He said he had seen more than 1000 films at that depression time.

*Bala Murugan Youtube Journey*

  • In Ticket New Company he learned many things about Facebook marketing, digital marketing, and the working of websites. Bala was working there for 4 years. In between, he was married and he also had children. Bala got a job for 18 lakhs per annum in a digital marketing company. But there he was insulted by north Indians with the Hindi language as a reason.
  • He resigned from his job in a company like Madan Gowri. Bala started a new company for dubbing with 6 recording studios. Then, He started a YouTube channel called Mr.Tamizhan, where he used to create content of dubbing varieties and other language movies into Tamil and he explains a full movie in Tamil. He got a massive response from his audience for his YouTube channel.
  • He gained a lot of fans for his voice. He also has an army for the word ‘Thai Kelavi‘. He also dubs for Tamil YouTubers where he makes dubbing of respective content from Tamil to other languages.


One Promotion PaymentRs.20.000 To Rs.30.000
Youtube MonthlyRs.2 Lakh To Rs.3 Lakh
Collage Function updates are still to be made
Net WorthRs.50 Lakh To Rs.80 Lakh


PHONE NUMBER+91 95953*****


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