Best Free Training by Google.. google careers !!

Best Free Training by Google.. google careers !!

I must say that Google is providing various features for free to help people in various ways.

In that way, Google has started a new feature before some religion which is offering free online classes to the public for training.

Now we are going to see all about it in this post and also how we can join it after seeing about it.

Google :-

We have to say that Google is one of the biggest companies in the world. Of course, there is no other company that can be equal to Google. We have to say that Google is growing.

We must say that there will be no people who do not know about a company called Google in the world and the brand ambassador for search engine will definitely be Google.

And it is significant news that the world’s first richest man, Elanmus, has said that if he fears one company, it is only Google.

And the first richest person in the world is Elon Musk so he has many companies but we have to say that the biggest thing is that they are afraid of Google.

So then you have to remember how much the growth of google will be and the number of users of Google company and how well Google will be received among the people.

And the notable news is that Google is also a banned item in various companies, especially in countries like China where Google is definitely not available for public use. There are various other companies in China instead.

It is a remarkable news that the CEO of Google i.e. CEO Sundar Pichai is from Tamil Nadu.

And there is no alternative opinion that Sundar Pichai, who has been the CEO of Google for a long time, will certainly add pride to Tamilians that he is from Tamil Nadu.

Google CEO i.e. Sundar Pichai’s annual revenue is expected to be 2500 crores and his daily salary is expected to be 5 crores to 10 crores.

So you need to know from this if the CEO alone earns 2500 crores in a year then we need to think how much money the various directors and creator of google company will earn.

It goes without saying that Google is an American based company as everyone here knows for sure.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai made an important point when he said in an interview. That is, Google has said that they pay 20% of their monthly revenue to the US government.

That means you have to imagine how much money Google would be making if they only paid 20 percent of their annual revenue to the government as taxes.

Similarly, Apple is still the most profitable company than Google, so the value of Apple products is very high, so they are making more money than Google.

Google Careers :-

Of course we have to say that Google is helping different people in different ways and in that way Google has started this new feature some time ago.

Of course it is a service but there is no change in opinion that google will definitely expect some kind of profit through this.

However, the good news is that these classes are being conducted by Google for free in English language.

So there is no alternative opinion that by learning these classes in the best possible way you will definitely get more job opportunities.

They teach most of the classes in a Google-friendly manner i.e. what jobs are available in Google, so you can even apply for a job in Google with this in mind.

Of course, you need to buy a certificate from Google. You certainly don’t need to spend money to buy a certificate. Rather, if you complete these free trainings provided by Google, and answer the questions correctly, Google will give you a certificate for free.

So I have to say that certificates like that are definitely worth it, it’s a certificate that shows you’ve completed a class.

As I said first of course the certificates provided by google company are very valuable so you can even apply for the job with these certificates in the company.

Similarly, you can register for jobs with other companies with these free certificates provided by Google.

And if Google is giving you a certificate then surely its only reliable so you can easily get a job while you are definitely completing a degree elsewhere.

So now we are going to start looking at the whole thing about how to study through the year with these free tutorials provided by Google.

Best Free Training by Google.. google careers !!

So far we have seen various information about Google company and then we can start to see about these free trainings provided by Google company.

Learn Digital :-

By using this website you can definitely learn the entire movement of the year provided by Google.

As I have been saying from the beginning if you have completed all these classes you will be asked questions accordingly so when you answer those questions correctly you will be awarded certificates.

Of course Google has designed this website to suit you so you can use it to learn completely about which classes are most needed in the current situation.


Google Careers :-

Next, you can know about what jobs are available in Google and what kind of degree you can get a job through this website.

Also, Google has told you what qualifications you need to apply for a job in Google, so when you have these qualifications, you can definitely apply for a job in Google using this website.


Best Free Training by Google.. google careers !!