The children who have never lived without Covid-19


It’s 10:30 am, and the flower shop in Classroom 9 is open for business. Nataly, 5 is the cashier. She presides over a toy cash register and an array of vibrant floralarrangements, such as orchids and carnations. Arlet five is a floor cleaner. The teacher of theclass, Rawshan Khanam, is the first person to purchase. … Read more

What Democrats can they learn from
Tuesday’s California primary?


The state with the highest population within the United States has its primary elections on July7, and might provide hints of how Democrats are planning to take their party and if Republicanswill be able to navigate an easy path to retake their place in the House of Representatives. To date, turnout has been very low … Read more

The reason why certain voters want in San Francisco to cast their vote for San Francisco’s Progressive DA


The week off is another notable California recall election on the ballot. San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin is an innovative prosecutor, and is facing abacklash as the city’s many other cities across the country are struggling with an increase inspecific kinds of crimes, including car break-ins as well as homicides. While the general crimerate … Read more

The Attorney General of New York is slamming Verizon for propagating Legionnaires the disease


If you’re thinking about possible sources of disease transmission, Verizon probably isn’t the firstthing that pops into your thoughts. However, this time, New York Attorney General Letitia Jamesrevealed the results of a three-year probe into cooling towers that were installed on structuresacross the state. It was not a good look for Verizon. “Verizon failed to … Read more

In the group of females who had abortions prior to Roe


“I was left with no choice. I just wanted to get it over with and didn’t care what was done,” awoman declares in the first few minutes of the upcoming HBO film, The Janes. She’s recountingher experiences with abortion during the pre the post-Roe period: a shady motel, a deal with themob, and then lying … Read more

Amazon dismissed Chris Smalls. The new leader of the union is among its most significant issues.


One time ago Chris Smalls couldn’t get politicians to answer his calls. However, on a humid day in the latter part of April two of the most prominent politicians-senators. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) – were planning aspecial visit to Staten Island, New York to spend time with the 33-year old ex- … Read more

The information about the 2022 Second Amendment


It’s hard to overstate the power of the phrase “Second Amendment” in the current politicalenvironment. Despite the awe-inspiring events of mass shootings, a close insurrection, and thegrowing public awareness of militias opposed to the government as well as the indisputablestrength that is the National Rifle Association — these two words are employed to stiflediscussion on … Read more

What does the deepfake controversy surrounding this Chinese actor’s comments on conspiracy theories


It’s easy to believe whatever you’d like to believe. It’s the internet. From fake videos to socialmedia which connects people with similar interests is making it easy. For example, when fans see two gorgeous famous, well-known individuals working together, itmight be normal to think that they’re in the same relationship. Sometimes, these ships arerealized for … Read more

The environmental consequences of eating locally


In the past twenty years, the consumption of locally-produced food has been associated witheating ethically, healthier and sustainable. Locavorism has been praised by food writers of repute local authorities as well as think tanksand big environmental groups, marketed as an obvious solution that could improve our industrialized, ailing food system. It will do this by … Read more

A leaked transcript of what Mark
Zuckerberg told Meta employees about
Sheryl Sandberg’s resignation


Meta held a live meeting for over 70,000 employees on Thursday and it was also a time todiscuss a particular issue to discuss which was the recent announcement of the resignation ofSheryl Sandberg, the company’s longtime No. 2 executive. “People were asking me throughout the day yesterday, “Why now? What’s the reason?’ now isbecause it’s … Read more