Anita hill guides to have proper long
look to the way of Supreme Court


Anita Hill made history in 1991 when she started the national debate on sexual workplace
harassment in the live telecast hearings on the nomination of Supreme Court nominee Clarence
Thomas. Hill a lawyer as well as a scholar, an academic, as well as a Black woman, spoke in
detail about the humiliation she endured, which was allegedly by Thomas, while Thomas was
the chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and she provided him with

In the course of a couple of hours of riveting testimony, Hill sat before the Senate Judiciary
Committee, a group of white men led by Joe Biden, then the Democratic senator from Delaware
she was questioned about her experience with Thomas. The questions they asked were
notoriously difficult and portrayed Hill as an aggressor instead of a victim. The Senate eventually
ratified Thomas’s nomination.

Thirty years more than thirty years later, Hill — who has stated repeatedly that giving testimony
was an ethical duty continues to lead discussions about the way that gender-based violence is a
part of American society. She still has much to speak out about and the Supreme Court. Hill is
the host of a brand new podcast called “Getting Even” alongside Anita Hill, and this fall, she
launched her most recent publication, Believing: Our Thirty-Year Journey to Stop Gender
Violence, where she recounts the efforts to build trust and assist survivors.

Following this week’s confirmation for Ketanji Brown Jackson who will become one of the few
Black women to serve at the Supreme Court, I reached for Hill for the most recent installment of
Vox Conversations discussing Jackson’s appointment, Hill’s role as an activist, and what the
next steps for this year’s Supreme Court. The core of Hill’s research is her desire to promote
equality, whether she’s looking at the impact of women judges on the legal system, or exploring
the ethics of American institutions like that of the Supreme Court to improve life for everyone

While Hill and I sat down to chat prior to the leak of the Supreme Court draft opinion being
publicized, we talked about the possibility that the Court could soon uphold its landmark Roe v.
Wade decision, effectively prohibiting abortions in the majority of the United States. (I tried to
contact Hill to ask her thoughts about the leak, and if she is still feeling the same way about the
Court but we did not hear back from Hill by the time of publication.)

Below is an excerpt from the conversation that we had, edited for clarity and length. There’s
more to the full episode and you can join us! Our conversations on iTunes Podcasts, Google
Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Fabiola Cineas

I have a big issue for you to answer. Still, do you believe you can trust this institution? Supreme
Court as an institution?

Anita Hill

As an organization, I am a believer that there is a Supreme Court. However, I know from
studying the past that the Supreme Court is only as great as the individuals that are members of
the court. A lawyer that has been studying the law and the changes in the law and the law, it has
been that Supreme Court that gave us Dred Scott v. Sandford. The court basically stated that
Black citizens had no rights that whites were required to respect. We got Plessy and Ferguson.

As such, I recognize I know that this Supreme Court is not flawless however, I also recognize
that it’s my responsibility and, I think, the responsibility of all who have walked the bar and taken
a swearing oath towards the Constitution. It’s our obligation to ensure it is that this Supreme
Court is what it ought to be, that it is the trustworthy institution it is supposed to be, and that the
judges serving on it are trustworthy. This is how I can rebuild my confidence in the Court.

Fabiola Cineas

Do you think it will take a while before your faith is completely there? Because we’re headed to
an area in which there is a chance that Court is going to likely uphold Roe V. Wade in late June.
We are aware that Justices [Sonia] Sotomayor [ElenaKagan, [Elena] Kagan, and Brown
Jackson are going to be members of a liberal minority who write opinions. What is the reason
we should have faith when the world seems awfully grim?

Anita Hill

So, I believe the only way we can be sure is to consider this over the long term since as I
mentioned, I’ve read the entire history. It is true that there was the case of Plessy decision v.
Ferguson, but I also know there was the case of Brown case involving the. Board of Education
and that, in many manners, Brown changed the law and overturned Plessy. I’m not saying there
is a guarantee that the Court is unalterable or that each decision that I support, however, If the
Court is truly honest it is able to alter the law and alter it. It’s as people devise strategies to bring
the law more in line with the Constitution.

Fabiola Cineas

So, I’m trying to figure out what the public should feel about it. You mentioned the fact that the
Supreme Court is right now. I have some data from Gallup’s most recent survey which was
released in September 2021. Only 40% of Americans like the work done by this Supreme Court
is doing, and 53 percent are not happy. That’s a new low for the Court.

If you’re not familiar with Plessy and aren’t acquainted with these other terrible rulings that the
Supreme Court has made, but later overturned in other decisions What can they possibly be
hopeful about this Supreme Court? Also, I’ll be adding: With the recent information that’s come
to the public’s attention which revealed that the wife of a Supreme Court justice was discovered
to be involved in a campaign to challenge the results of the presidential election in 2020 How
can an ordinary person feel excited regarding this Supreme Court with this kind of information?

Anita Hill

I’m not convinced whether they’re happy with the state the Court is in now. There are likely
those who are extremely content with it, however, I’m sure there are many who aren’t. I am sure
that many are developing strategies that eventually will allow for better decisions, similar to what
they did in the 1890s when there were many issues to be resolved with regard to the flaws in
Supreme Court’s rulings.

It’s difficult to take this long-term view from the Court. However, I believe this is where we need
to be now. There’s a majority of judges on the Court that will likely continue to erode aspects
such as voting rights. It’s likely that they will continue to take away Roe in v. Wade if they are not
able to completely reverse the decision. We’re in the middle of it currently, but I’m aware from
past experience that it does not mean that’s what we must always be. There are many who fight
to keep it in place forever. I hope that nothing irreparable is caused by the government to protect
our rights and protections as well as our Constitution before we are back on the right path.

Let me add as well that there are many different ways to change the course of a decision. It is
possible to do this legislatively at the federal level. Therefore, elections are crucial. It is possible
to do this at the local, state, and national levels to protect individuals when federal law does not
work. We should consider whether we’re adhering to the laws that govern our lives in the
absence of our local and state levels. Supreme Court. It is important to remember that the Supreme Court is not the sole body responsible for ensuring there is strict adherence to the
Constitution is upheld.

Fabiola Cineas

I’m aware of lawmakers who have proposed a couple of bills that propose the code of conduct
that would apply to Supreme Court justices. Supreme Court, like making specific guidelines for
in deciding the moment a judge justice must withdraw from a particular instance, for instance.
But, of course, the bills have been slowed. So, I’m wondering if Supreme Court should just go to
the next step and create this on their own] as they are able to come up with something similar to
this for themselves. Do you support something like this?

Anita Hill

I am sure that it will occur. I believe we should not make this Supreme Court this bubble from
the truth of what conflicts are. Conflicts grow and affect the credibility of the legal framework.
The United States is a nation that adheres to the laws of the land. If law enforcement is
compromised and open conflicts can be brought to light without recourse or any sort of
response, the damage we’ve caused is actually a loss for the whole government. It’s at that
point now, and many people have their heads shaken, and they aren’t sure what to do to be
confident in the system since it’s in open violation right now.

I believe that we should find out the answer to the issue. There are a lot of people on the
internet who have voiced their opinion regarding what Justice Roberts is supposed to be doing
as the chief justice. However, ultimately, this is something that will require ways that have an
actual level of support across the various agencies of the government. Therefore, I believe that
the Senate should be involved. I believe that the House should be involved along with the

I’m going to say it even though I might appear to be ignorant however, I believe that the
American people really want the same playing field. They don’t want a judge which appears to
be biased and without recourse. They want the courts to be a symbol of honesty, fairness, and