Actor Surya and Karthi are going to act in the same movie

*Surya and Karthi*

The film Etharkkum Thunindhavan is directed by Pandiraj and starring Surya. Director Pandiraj had earlier directed the movie Kadaikutty Singam with actor Surya’s brother Karthi, which was a huge success.

Actor Surya will be seen in a short scene in the movie Kadaikutty Singam. Then director Pandiraj was asked if he would shoot a film with both Surya and Karthi in the same film.

To which Pandiraj said, “I have a one-line story for both Surya and Karthi to star in the same film but have not yet fully developed the story“.

Currently, Karthi acted in Muthaiha’s Viruman. First look photos of Viruman and Etharkkum Thunindhavam movies have already been released. Surya and Karthi were both wearing red shirts. Director Pandiraj edited the two of them into a single photo and posted it on his social media sites.

Fans who have seen this have asked what happened to the one-line story of Surya and Karthi that you mentioned earlier. Pandiraj replied, “I have finished the whole story. Filming for this can start at any time. I will direct the film if both of them give me a call sheet at the same time.”

Fans are very happy to hear this news. With both Actors, Pandiraj is expected to direct the film in one or two more years.