A leaked transcript of what Mark
Zuckerberg told Meta employees about
Sheryl Sandberg’s resignation


Meta held a live meeting for over 70,000 employees on Thursday and it was also a time to
discuss a particular issue to discuss which was the recent announcement of the resignation of
Sheryl Sandberg, the company’s longtime No. 2 executive.

“People were asking me throughout the day yesterday, “Why now? What’s the reason?’ now is
because it’s the right time to begin writing the next chapter in my story,” Sandberg said at the
meeting that Recodes got the exclusive audio recording and the transcript below. “But really,
[it’s] because I have so much faith in the leadership team Mark and I have put in place,” she

The conversation focused on the role that Sandberg played in Meta’s business, specifically the
fact that it is profitable, and also Sandberg’s first memories of Zuckerberg and his plans to better
connect Meta’s business and product teams once Sandberg leaves.

Sandberg’s departure is coming at an era of unending uncertainty regarding what the future
holds for Meta the company that was previously known as Facebook. This tech company has
changed its strategy toward social networks in order to concentrate on developing”the “metaverse”; meanwhile, its share price has experienced a series of historic declines and is still
under the constant risk of being scrutinized by regulators.

That’s the reason why the demise of Sandberg -who was long regarded as “the adult in the
room” who had helped Zuckerberg develop his business caused shock waves throughout the
company as well as the technology industry.

As opposed to regular weekly executive Q&A sessions that are normally held each week at
Meta The “fireside chat” format of Thursday’s meeting meant that Meta did not respond directly
to requests from staff. The discussion lasted about 30 minutes and consisted of Sandberg and
Zuckerberg exuding their appreciation for one another. Zuckerberg acknowledged Sandberg for
helping him teach his self-described 23-year-old Self “how to run a company,” and Sandberg
acknowledged Zuckerberg for his ideas along with the groups they created together.

They did not mention the biggest issues confronting the company, including Meta’s ongoing
issues with moderating content (which Sandberg oversaw), Facebook’s declining popularity
among younger users in the wake of the growth of its rival TikTok, and doubts about the future
of metaverse.

The positive atmosphere of the gathering did not cover any concerns regarding Zuckerberg and
Sandberg’s friendship, which, according to numerous accounts has become more distancing in
recent years. (Meta Sandberg has denied any split.)

While the meeting did not specifically address the numerous important issues facing the
company, the leaked transcript of a Meta internal meeting gives insight into how the company is
planning to position itself at a crucial time, in its history, as an of its most influential and
prominent leaders departs.


Hi, everyone. Thank you for coming to join us today. present after the news you read in
Employee FYI each of Mark as well as Sheryl’s blog posts. We’re not going to ask questions. It’s
kind of different from a Q&A at this point. However, we wanted to speak with Mark and Sheryl
and also speak directly to employees regarding the latest news. Therefore, without further delay,
Mark, we’ll kick it to you.

Mark Zuckerberg

Thanks for your time. So, I’d like to bring the entire company together to discuss yesterday’s
news. In the words I wrote in my post, I realized that this was the ending of a period. It is indeed.
After 14 years of service, Sheryl has taken the decision to retire from her post as COO at Meta.
And I believe it’s difficult for us, standing where we are today with this extremely successful
business and to look back at the context of the time Sheryl was hired to appreciate the extent of
an impact she’s made on the company.

If Sheryl came to join me in the year 2008. I was just 23 at the time and did not know anything
about running an organization. There was a great product at the time. It was a site, not an app
for mobile devices It was simply Facebook. It was a fantastic service that everyone was thrilled
about. We had nothing to do with making money from our business. There were a few hints of
certain ideas, but we didn’t have a clear direction we’d like to take our advertising. And we were
struggling to make the move from this loose, startup-like culture to an actual business.

You know the majority of the things Sheryl did was she designed our advertising business and
she hired a lot of talented people, she developed our culture of management, and she taught
me and many other employees in the company how to manage an organization. It’s a good
thing we are at a point what we’re doing now is we are today is where we have a successful
business and an organization that is efficient. We have hundreds and in a variety of ways,
thousands of amazing people in the company that are able to push them forward. This is a
totally different place from what we had when Sheryl was developing all of this. And, you are
aware that the most significant legacy she left is the fact that she opened up opportunities to
millions of people all over the globe and she should get some of the responsibility for the
success that Meta is in the present.

It’s really unusual for a relationship like this to last this long. Sheryl says she believed that it
would last for five years, but it only lasted for fourteen years. I was slightly more confident that it
could have lasted more than 5 years. But, normally these kinds of things don’t last long because
companies change and the requirements of people change as do the ambitions of individuals.
However, I believe that our relationship worked for a long time, due to Sheryl is an incredible
leader, partner, and friend, and a lot of her work was concentrated on making the partnership
work, and she’s focused on building relationships and helping those around her develop.

I’m extremely grateful for having had the chance to establish this business and be so close with
Sheryl I’m also feeling that she’s left us in a fantastic position with her experience in training
many others who are talented and amazing here. Of course, Sheryl isn’t going to go all the way
because she’s going to join our board for the next few years. In any case, it’s hard to quantify
how significant of an impact she’s had on the community. However, I’d like to begin by
expressing my gratitude for all you’ve done.

Sheryl Sandberg

Thank you. I’m not sure if it’s that I had hoped it would last five years. The truth is that I ran into
Mark at this event. We kind of sat on the wall near the door and chatted throughout the evening.
We then had dinner together at one point and afterward, I guess his name was very well-known.
I wasn’t yet, but I did work for an extensive team at Google. Someone on that team was there
and told us not to go out for dinner again. We ate dinner at my home and we were unable to
have dinner at Mark’s due to Mark was a friend of yours. resided in a studio that had one
mattress that was on the floor. You were right to conclude that it was not the best location to
have dinner with me.

So we ate dinner at my home many times throughout the months. At the end of it, we went out
for dinner. We were together with Mark and Dave my husband, and Priscilla was his then-young
girlfriend. When we arrived, Dave and I sat down to talk with him, he turned to me and told me,
“You’ve got to be able to see yourself in this job for five years, otherwise this makes no sense.”
That was the first thing it always rang in my head. And it was like, the way that Mark mentioned,
fourteen years ago. Can you be working for and with that person over the rest of the 5 years?
And the answer was a resounding yes.

It’s true that I made this clear in my previous post But this job has been a great honor and
chance to live a life and it all begins with Mark.

When I arrived I asked him for three things: that we are together, get together every week and
share feedback with each other. The final one … I asked him to provide me with feedback each
week. He replied immediately, “nope, I will not give you feedback every week unless you give it
to me.” Then we put up, I believe it was Fridays during the beginning, for our meetings as well
as feedback day. I do remember that in one of my first weeks of work, the feedback was
immediately received even though it fell on a Tuesday and I was like “Whoa, It’s not a feedback
day, feedback day is Friday.”

However, the fact that we discussed this to create an authentic partnership which is something
that I tried to pass on to the company since we are a business full of people We are a firm with
relationships. That includes the relationships between you all that make this place work or
cause it to not work. The relationships that create the products or do not sell the ads, or ship or
not, keep things going or don’t. Being honest and direct stops things from getting out of hand
and helps keep things in order. And Mark immediately said, “Well, it doesn’t have to be Friday.”
And Mark was always open with me.

While thinking about this feedback culture What feedback Mark has received from me most?
The answer is that we have to be ambitious all the way. I can remember the time that the crash
of 2008 hit I remember, for instance, that I was depressed and depressed and was thinking that
we’ll never be able to sell another advertisement and our projections for revenue for 2009. Mark
thought “Not good enough.” I replied, “Well, you know, the markets crashing and the whole
world’s imploding.” Everybody is aware of this — well it’s not everyone since certain of you are
young, but many of us can recall this period both in the world and the markets. It was like it was
impossible to see the recession’s end. could never be a reality. Mark states, “well, we’ve still got
to sell ads and build the business through this.” This was exactly what we did.

At every step in the process, Mark has always encouraged us to be bold. Another thing that I’ve
considered is Mark has always stated that there are two ways for companies to fail. One of them
is when it makes ambitious goals and fails to meet the goals. The other is that it creates plans
that aren’t that ambitious and doesn’t need them. Mark always said that I don’t want anything
scenario to occur to us, that we should not make plans that don’t succeed. If you take a look at
what the company’s situation is at the moment, the metaverse plan is big and ambitious. That
will be Mark at his most effective. I’m extremely thankful to the team.

I was asked throughout the today, “Why now? How come you are here now?” Why now is
because it’s the time to write the next chapter in my life. In reality, I have such confidence in the
leadership team Mark me and Mark have set up as you examine my direct subordinates to me,
including Marne through Justin and from Molly as well as Maxine up to Lori as well as Jen and
Nick and Nick, who already been reporting to Mark some time ago.

Note: Marne Levine is Meta’s chief business officer. Justin Osofsky is Instagram’s COO and vice
president of global operations. Molly Cutler is Meta’s VP of its strategic response program as
well Maxine Williams serves as Meta’s chief of diversity. Lori Goler is Meta’s head of people.
Jennifer Newstead is Meta’s chief legal officer, as well as Nick Clegg, is Meta’s president of
global affairs.]

There’s such a large bench and it’s not just them, it’s also the subordinates, and those who are
under them as well as those who are beneath them. Also, Javi, [Editor’s note: Javier Olivan is
Meta Vice President of Central Products and will assume Sandberg’s old position as COO when
he takes on an entirely different and, I think, crucial, and important role for this business. I have
confidence in them all. I am overwhelmed with many feelings of gratitude. Thank you to
everyone for your many wonderful posts and messages as well as calls and texts telling your
stories. I’m extremely thankful that I’ve been able to touch lives in the way that people are
sharing their stories and I’d like to know that I’ve touched yours even more. We’re going to chat
more about transitions Oh no! Sorry, Melinda You moderate.


It’s just a matter of trying to contain my tears. Also, I’m thinking that this might be one of the
most heartfelt emojis I’ve ever seen on an online broadcast we’ve had. A lot of people were
commenting, “Wow, Mark, and Sheryl, what a partnership for all of these years, it sounds like
such a great friendship as well.” Then you can also think about how wonderful it is to have two
great leaders who are like you. And especially at this moment and at this point what a joy to be
able to watch you both as a team. It seems like you’ve mentioned something. however, I’d like to
return to our leadership structure and structure change slightly in response to the latest news.
Also, Mark could you go through the changes that have occurred here and the structure of
what’s going on?

Mark Zuckerberg

Sure. Therefore, the first thing we need to state is that we’re not going to replace Sheryl’s job in
the manner that’s currently happening, there are a number of reasons. One reason is that it’d be
unattainable. It is also the case that Sheryl is a singular and extremely talented leader who
joined in a particular context at the era in our business where there were many aspects of the
business which needed to be created from scratch and did not exist as a product.

In the future, I believe it would make more sense to bring the business and product functions
into a single entity, instead of being two distinct aspects of the business. Javi Olivan will become
the new chief operating officer of the business. In addition to that, all of our functional areas, including the product groups that deal with advertisements, and commerce payment through
business messaging will be represented along with Marne Levine who is our chief business
officer for the company as well as the entire Meta business division. Additionally, Javi also has a
track record of being extremely thorough with a focus on efficiency in all of his operations and
I’m constantly adding new things to his portfolio as time goes on. Now that he’s in as well as
running these areas of the business, he’s running the integrity and infrastructure teams
marketing and analysis, development for corporate, and growth, too.

It’s also important to recognize that begin to realize that the job will be different from the role of
COO that what Sheryl did. It’s going to be more of a traditional COO position, and Javi is likely
to focus on internally and operationally. The majority of the time, I believe that people outside
will not be hearing about Javi. The type of job of the most prominent public business leader in
the company will include Marne in her role as the chief executive officer. She’s already had in
this role and played a part in bringing the Meta business unit with the sales as well as the
partnerships groups.

A lot of what we’re planning to accomplish throughout the year as Sheryl shifts into her
day-to-day job is to make sure that we hand over all our relationships to Marne and she’s going
to be that kind of person at the top who interacts with the CEOs of all the companies we
collaborate with and manages all our partnerships as well as the work we perform there, and
reporting to Javi’s org.

One of the most significant legacies that Sheryl has left is having many amazing leaders who
will soon assume more responsibilities in the future. some of whom have already taken on
larger roles. That includes those such as Jennifer Newstead, who stepped into the position of
the chief lawyer of our company last year, and Nick Clegg, who stepped into the position of our
global affairs president earlier in the year. They were double reporting to me as well as Sheryl
So, quite naturally, they’ll report to me as of now.

On the human side, We have Lori Goler I’ve worked extremely closely with for a long period of
time, so she’ll be directly reporting to me. Maxine Williams is our Chief Diversity Officer and
plans to remain in the people department, but she’s been part of my staff meetings for several
years currently and will keep doing so as well as being an extremely valuable voice within the
group I’ve admired as well and continue to rely on.

Then, at the same moment, Molly Cutler, who has been the leader of our group responsible for
strategic responses and will join Javi’s team which will report to Naomi and Naomi with the
determination to improve our decision-making process and efficiency in execution. This will be
the main focus. So we’ll provide more information about the organizations in the coming weeks
as we sort to get everything in place, which is kind of the highest level of things. However, I
believe that over time we’ll need to ensure that the different groups are better integrated and
working together. I think that being able to connect the products with the different operational
and business groups will help things run more efficiently. we’ll get more input from customers as
well as clients as well as people from our community that are more directly in our group of
products. This is going to be fantastic. It’s an excellent new step for the business to consider.

However, when let’s face it difficult to quantify how significant the impact Sheryl has made. I’m
looking forward to those she’s taught to continue to work alongside them, and I’m full of
confidence that they’ll continue to push this forward. However, it’s evident that there are big
shoes to be filled.


Oh, I am in love with this. Mark. Thank you for sharing that. I’d like to take some time to talk with
you concerning some interesting stories I’ve had the pleasure of learning about your partnership
and relationship which I believe are worthwhile to share with employees too. I know, Mark, you
said something fascinating the other day This company was completely different prior to when
Sheryl joined. As you said Sheryl has made a huge impact. I’d like to hear from you what the
story has been like throughout the years you’ve spent working together and how it has changed
from the beginning to now.

Mark Zuckerberg

Sure. You’d like to begin Sheryl or do I?

Sheryl Sandberg

If it’s been a while since I came here, do it time to begin?

Mark Zuckerberg

Okay, well I believe the most important issue that’s hard for modern-day people to understand is
the difference in the background was for the business. Today, when we’re a highly successful
company but it’s hard to understand that when something does well but it’s hard to look back
and imagine the world in which it may not have succeeded. However that at the time Sheryl
joined us, we had a fantastic product however, it was the time when there wasn’t a lot of the top
web 2.0 companies, as they were known. It wasn’t obvious to many people that advertising
would help to create an economically viable business and even a hugely profitable one.

We needed to make this massive shift from this type of loose startup culture, to calling it an
organization. It may be overstating the nature of what was happening when it was. But the
transition to becoming a genuine firm that can do several different areas simultaneously, and
also have some degree of rigor.

All of these were things that nobody at the company had had experience with, isn’t it? We,
therefore, created this product. I had some knowledge of coding and creating products that
people loved and I was certain that I could continue doing it. We could also create teams to
continue making that happen. But nobody had created a huge, profitable advertising business or
scaled up a business or an organization to thousands or hundreds of people before. we weren’t
sure how to accomplish this.

That’s when Sheryl arrived, and she didn’t just set up the structures the ad’s aspect was also in
place. She concentrated on us over several years would be the most important way we could
earn money until it actually started functioning. In the meantime, Sheryl also trained many of the
top employees here, and also brought in lots of individuals to train them on how to become the
leaders this business required.

It’s true that at the time she was hired, lots of people were making this joke, even though it
wasn’t really an actual joke at the time. she was the adult supervision of the business.

However, I believe she’s created a new generation of executives at the company whom I believe
is now able to manage extremely complex and huge things independently. And I’m sure, Sheryl,
you can relate to this, but think about watching these people get older and follow in your
footsteps and how you’ve helped build the company’s organization is something you take a lot of
satisfaction in.

However, in the end, the test for every leader is whether they can take a step back from their
day-to-day task and still be running smoothly since you have to face it, whether you’re leaving
the business or simply are looking to assume more responsibility and take on new initiatives, it’s
our responsibility to create the conditions for those around us to be able to carry out the things
we’re doing now and to accomplish more or different things later on. I believe Sheryl has done it
extremely effectively. However, from the perspective now, I believe it’s very difficult to do so to
appreciate the impact if you weren’t present at the time. For me, it’s difficult to put myself to the
way things were chaotic it was just in the past 14 years, however, you need to be aware of that
for yourself to comprehend the magnitude of impact Sheryl has made on the world.

Sheryl Sandberg

Thank you. So nice. When I reflect back on my time at my first job Mark has been so gracious to
give me so much credit. However, the product the company built was a product that Mark had
designed, and a tiny group of people built it was so effective. I’d used it and joined, I believe,
Facebook, in 2007 as a user. I was awestruck that users could share information and even put
their true identities online. This was not obvious to me from Google in the days of anonymity
and search are the main focus. And you’re trying to find specific information during a certain
period of time that is exclusive only to you. However, there was always great enthusiasm for
what we did.

And Mark always wondered that I was thinking that someone could build this, but he did not
know what was the result. However, it was them. It was also the first time I had the chance to be
a part of it. You mentioned the sense of pride I may have in some of the folks who have been
here for a while and I’ve been here too. When I hear that, I immediately think of Naomi who was
there when I first joined and is now taking over some of the work I was working on in one of the
most important aspects of the team. Molly Cutler and her amazing team, and have been
wonderful products, as well as excellent strategic and business leaders for us. I believe she was
just out of college at that time. Mark and I have talked about being a couple.

It’s also real that no one would have imagined the possibilities. We could not think – I do
remember that we were in a number of downtown buildings –Mark you’ll recall — in Palo Alto
when we took the now-classic campus. And I recall taking this tour looking around and thinking
“Oh I’m so glad it’s huge. Are we really going to need this area?” And now I’m in a faraway
position right in my room, from the campus, which I believe is a 15 minutes walk from where I
was thinking that these buildings were about 25 minutes until the end of the buildings that I was
thinking that the space was just too huge. We’ll never be able to use it all up. The question is did
you think that you were going to speak out?

Mark Zuckerberg


Sheryl Sandberg

I remember telling you that when we first went to the campus Mark was concerned that there
wasn’t enough food on the campus. I said we’d look into getting McDonald’s. Do you remember

Mark Zuckerberg

Um, yeah, roughly.

Sheryl Sandberg

Roughly. We hopped on the bus. We’d been searching for a suitable campus for an extended
period of time. I told Mark that I had two things are real that: one, you’re probably likely to not
like this, and secondly we’re going to sign the lease in three days, laughing because we’re out of
alternatives. The reason why he was not happy was that prior to when the teams we have — our
incredible facilities teams were in charge, it was somewhat dull and not active. The atmosphere
completely changed, however, we didn’t quite manage to reach McDonald’s there.

Mark Zuckerberg

That’s okay.

Sheryl Sandberg

We were able to produce more delicious food on our own thanks to our team of chefs. One thing
that’s been always true is the serious ambitions this company is pursuing. It’s always been my
belief that part of the relationship Mark and I share has been that Mark always challenged me to
be more ambitious and think bigger, to achieve more. In my daily conversations with Mark that
there are about 80 steps between now and getting this completed. But the purpose of setting
the bar up high.

One of the things I’m the happiest about and the reason I’m so grateful to remain on the board is
that I wouldn’t have thought of the technology we’re developing in the metaverse, and Mark’s
vision for it, whenever I speak to him about it that often sounds like speaking to Mark in the
beginning. The first time I visited 14 years ago and was thinking about joining, Mark has a vision
that I’m not sure who else does and he is the unique visionary who I believe he has already
done and will continue to do with the support of everyone and everyone else within this

Mark Zuckerberg

I’ve already mentioned this before in my article however I would like to share it with you Every
day at work there is an act that completely blows my mind. I was just looking at this. I thought,
“Oh my God, this is so giving, so generous, so smart, so strategic, so creative.” I witness this
every single day. That’s why we’ll remain so successful.


I’m not kidding, each time I fall I’m like trying to wipe the tears away. Yes, I realize I’m acting
dramatic however it’s the truth. Here’s a message that I must review for both of you. It takes a
lot of compassion and courage to acknowledge your long-term and long-time colleagues and
their contributions while also making sure the company is equipped with the resources it needs
to continue to grow. Thanks, Mark for demonstrating compassion and for demonstrating a
courageous manner of communicating. Then Sheryl thank you for your efforts and your
kindness and influence, as well as your business acumen that will be a lasting legacy. That
basically sums up the whole thing I’m sure you each have let me sit at the table as well as
mentors of mine. I’ll always be thankful. I’m sure that many employees have the same
sentiments. We’ve got about two minutes remaining. Do you have any final thoughts perhaps?

Mark Zuckerberg

Perhaps I’ll end up closing like I did when I first started, but I believe that it is difficult to quantify
the impact Sheryl has been able to have on this community. It’s my opinion that many of the
things we’ve accomplished today are a direct result of what she’s done. Personally, I’m going to
be disappointed not to have an opportunity of working alongside you more closely as I did in the
past, while I’m thrilled that you’ll be in the boardroom. However, more than anything else I’m
thankful for all you’ve accomplished. In addition, you left your company with such a great
situation, even while there are lots that we need to complete and many challenges in terms of
organizational structure and from an individual perspective We’ve got great people, and a large
part of it, I believe, is due to the teams you’ve created. Therefore, I’m extremely grateful. It’s
difficult to say enough thanks for all you’ve done to make this place better.

Sheryl Sandberg

I’ll end by saying the same. I am incredibly thankful to you Mark. Your generosity and kindness
as well as the enthusiasm with which you manage the company every day have touched the
lives of many. You’ve touched the lives not only millions of people all over the world. I’m so thankful to all the people that have joined our team, those working here and those who continue
to create the products I’ll continue to use and love I hope for the remainder of my days. A deep,
profound, deeply profound love and gratitude. Thank you all. Thanks, Mark.